For people outside the construction industry, there are certain titles that seem self-explanatory: An Owner’s Representative represents the owner of the project (brownie points for you there, Einstein), and a project manager tells everyone how to do their job, right? Well, sort of.

Owner’s Representative

An Owner’s Representative will take your vision and apply their expertise to turn it into a reality. He or she will also be the liaison between you and the design and construction team. Since most of the time, you will be too busy running a business, the Owner’s Rep will step into your shoes. If the team has questions about the budget and schedule, they can ask the Owner’s Rep. If they want to know what you meant by “I want the entrance to face the Chinese gardens” when there are three Chinese gardens? They can ask the Owner’s Rep.

An Owner’s Rep also provides invaluable information to you, as the owner: As a person who’s well-versed within the industry, an Owner’s Rep will have already established relationships with other construction professionals, which makes the hiring process a lot more efficient. They are also cognizant of industry rules, regulations, and quality control issues, so that’s one less thing for you, as the owner, to worry about.

Once your view is conceptualized, designed, and ready to be implemented, then the work will be cut out for the project manager. This high level strategy continues through the duration of the project, predicting issues before they happen and setting the project up for success.

Project Manager

A Project Manager will study the Owner’s specifications, and coordinate and oversee the whole project. Most of the time, this service is encompassed within the scope of an Owner’s Rep, but it does not have to be. A PM’s role includes conducting due diligence surveys, hiring the team of architects, engineers, and construction workers; negotiate contracts, establish schedules, making sure the entire team is working on time and on budget; and what to do in the event of unforeseen circumstances (a flooding, a hurricane warning, a sudden lack of supply for specific materials. And if someone is not doing a good job, the PM gets to do the dirty work of firing them. Basically, a Project Manager provides less strategy, more action.

By having an Owner’s Rep, you, as the owner don’t have to worry about anything; not even about having to understand construction jargon, since we would translate that for you as well. Relax, we got you covered. With InVision Advisors, you can get right back to work. We’ll run the construction show behind the scenes.

Good luck and keep your hard hat tight.