Tackling a commercial real estate project can be pretty overwhelming. From finding the right location, to permits, to the actual building or remodeling, to managing a whole new staff, leading a commercial construction project is a full-time job that most business leaders do not have the time — or expertise — to handle.  

So you hire a project manager, right? Well, sort of… A project manager will take care of the daily, nitty-gritty details throughout the project, yes. They will hire staff, make sure the project is on schedule, and that the contractor is dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s.

But, who’s assisting you in conceptualizing the project, managing the strategy, and making sure that you don’t waste time googling what efflorescence means? A qualified Owner’s Representative.

As we previously shared, an Owner’s Rep will “take your vision and apply their expertise to turn it into a reality. He or she will also be the liaison between you and the design and construction team.”

Still not sure if you should hire an Owner’s Rep? Here are four strong reasons why you should:  

An Owner’s Rep Will Keep Your Project On Schedule

No one wants to see a delayed construction schedule eating up profit margins. Or having to respond to investors when they ask why the building isn’t ready yet.

Since an Owner’s Rep is an expert in commercial real estate projects, he will establish realistic deadlines for each stage — and hold everyone accountable. Read more about how an Owner’s Rep helps you stay on schedule here.

An Owner’s Rep Will Save You Time

As in, your personal time. Because you will not be answering the same question over and over again to everyone from the contractor to the bank. They have the expertise to tackle issues quickly and efficiently. And, they know how to work with the design and construction teams. So you can, well, focus on your actual job.

An Owner’s Rep Can Help You Reduce Your Chances of Legal Liability

Any construction project poses HUGE legal risks. How many construction projects have you heard of that end up in court? Construction delays affecting bottom lines, contractors that skipped town with a deposit, someone falling on a site… Nop, you definitely DO NOT want a starring role in that courthouse drama, right? An Owner’s Rep will help you steer clear of potential risks. His number one job is to look out for your best interest.

An Owner’s Rep Will Save You Money

In our experience, companies usually save up to 20% on their commercial construction projects when they hire us as their Owner’s Rep. Ensuring the process is managed as efficiently as possible requires in-depth knowledge of all construction phases. Plus, we have long-standing relationships with the most sought-after design and construction teams in Florida, which helps ensure you get a fair price.


Hiring an Owner’s Rep for your commercial construction project won’t just bring you peace of mind — it’s having good business sense. Contact us today to see how we can help you ensure your project runs smoothly — and is delivered on time and on budget.