Working with Jonathan Moore, AIA, and InVision’s team provides support to clients, monitoring critical details and staying focused on project goals.

Whether representing owner’s interests, managing a project, or handling bank inspections, InVision’s perspective provides a distinct advantage to enhance your project or investment and save time and money.


As your liaison, strategist and advisor, InVision is a part of every aspect of the project, from conception to move-in. We are on every email, phone call and in every meeting. As principal strategists, we provide the experience, relationships, market knowledge and negotiation skills to represent the project’s best interests at all times. Given our impressive history of project planning, our approach typically reduces design and construction costs, accelerates project delivery time, and predicts long-term facility costs. Through our collaborative efforts, InVision tackles the day-to-day responsibilities, always with the end result in sight. With InVision Advisors as your Owner’s Representative you have assurances that the complex and intricate details of a project are skillfully being managed on your behalf.


InVision has the capacity and ability to manage multiple aspects of your project from start to finish. This starts by fully understanding the opportunity and scope of services needed. InVision brings our experience to your team. We become your in-house professionals.

With InVision leading the project, you have an opportunity at every phase of the process to make informed decisions with the assurance of our analyses and presentation of options.

Leave the details and implementation to the knowledgeable and creative team — confident in our commitment on your behalf to project success, whatever it takes. We can provide regular reporting, project schedule and budget updates. There are no ”end of project surprises,” since you’re kept informed every step of the way.


The value that a Registered Architect and his team bring to bank inspections is priceless. From details required to close out a project and construction loan, to warranty certification, lien waivers and contractor request for payments, InVision’s skilled team handles each of these critical elements with the expertise of over 500 completed projects.

The company’s starting point is a thorough review of all plan and cost documents – contracts, drawings, engineering reports, schedules, and budgets. Inspecting these documents through the lens of experience and taking into consideration any unique details, InVision provides analytical recommendations about project solvency and the risk associated with financing the project under consideration.

The InVision team also offers peer review services of construction drawings and projects, and collaborates with the architect and engineer if required. InVision’s inspectors develop a relationship with the architect and contractor and remain accessible, providing third-party opinions, best practices review and informal oversight on the project. In-depth monthly site reports contain unique information not typically found in bank inspections including site security, manpower on site, outstanding drawing/RFI’s and schedule/cost analysis.


With nearly two decades of experience and over 500 projects completed, InVision Advisors
proudly showcases representative examples of our team’s work.