We all want to build the nicest buildings possible, as fast as possible. We want to be as impressive as Frank Lloyd Wright. We want to rival Dubai’s real estate market.

While this sounds like the consummate dream, there is one caveat: You also want the project to come cheaply. Houston, we have a problem. While there are ways to be practical about having a quality project and staying on budget, you have to be realistic: Only two of the three are actually attainable at the same time. You can have nice and fast (but not cheap); fast and cheap (but not nice), or nice and cheap (but not fast).

Understand this simple formula, and you are well on your way to mastering the building process. If you find all three, you might as well ride that unicorn over the moon (and charge spectators a premium to watch it).

How do I make up my mind when all three are priorities?

When was the last time you put a Timex watch on your “All I want for Christmas list?” Still racking your brain to remember the exact date? Oh, you’ve never had it on your wish list? Exactly. This is because no one really wants “cheap”. On the other hand, it is entirely possible to have a cost-effective construction project.

In order to reach that goal, you have to know exactly what you want and be pretty certain about the end goal. This will substantially reduce the possibility of having to change plans midway through the project, and thus pushing back the deadline and increasing costs.

Be practical

One of the factors that will determine price is materials. And depending on where your project will be located, some types will be crucial: is it a coastal property? Will it be exposed to extreme weather conditions? Depending on the answers, you’ll need to make decisions re: wood flooring vs tile, concrete vs. wood, the type of ceilings, windows, and the type of insulation you will need.

Also, stop reaching for perfection. Look at how obnoxious it is that Antonin Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still being constructed, even though the project started in 1882. Get off that high horse and get it done.

We understand that unless you have the expertise necessary for a stellar project, all of this information can be overwhelming. Luckily for you, InVision Advisors is here to help you. As Owner’s Representatives, we’ll take your vision and turn it into reality, while at the same time, taking the stress off your shoulders. Contact us and let’s talk about your priorities. We’ll help you figure out the rest.

Good luck and keep your hard hat tight!