As you’re starting to plan a commercial construction project, there are many roles you will have to hire.

The architect will make sure your design is functional and beautiful, the contractor will turn the architect’s vision into reality and the project manager keeps the project moving forward. The owner’s representative will look out for your interests, protect your budget and timeline, and manage all the project communication.

While each role contributes an essential component to your project’s success, overlapping expertise in certain areas will provide certain advantages. One of the best examples of this is hiring an owner’s representative with an architecture background.

According to a 2014 McGraw-Hill Construction SmartMarket Report, only seven percent of owners believe perfect construction documents are possible. Design errors and omissions are still considered impactful sources of uncertainty. The report sites owner-related issues as the root cause of uncertainty on building projects, blaming accelerated schedules, unclear project requirements, lack of direction and involvement, and program or design changes among the leading drivers.

It’s clear that better communication and integration among project team members is the most effective approach to reducing uncertainty in commercial construction projects. As a project owner, the best way to assure that everyone is speaking the same language is to hire an owner’s representative that’s sat on both sides of the table.

For architects to deliver a ‘client-focused design’, one that responds to your unique needs and goals, the architectural design team will need to thoroughly understand and address your risk factors. An owner representative with an architecture background will be able to eloquently request a design approach that documents and clearly articulates the cost and benefits of the many project decisions made during the programming, design, and construction.

Many architects turned owner’s representative point to two distinct advantages in their new line of work: Applying their architecture expertise to facilitate project management, and using their creativity to increase functionality.

Owner representatives with an architecture background are confident that they can speak the language and know how to ask the right questions. They can read and check drawings to make sure your requests have been included.

With an overarching view of the project, they can also apply their architecture expertise to make sure that the aesthetics are functional, and that everything responds to your budget and timeline.

As a project owner, you can rest assured that having someone sitting on your side of the table that has field experience designing commercial buildings – such as InVision Advisors – will protect your investment better than anyone else.