Many of you know that I collect cufflinks. One of my prized pairs is a replica of the Millennium Falcon. Bringing Han Solo’s ship into my business life (via cufflinks) got me thinking.  I realized that Han Solo is the epitome of entrepreneurship with the way he lived his life. Han Solo ran a successful transportation business, shuttling people and materials from galaxy to galaxy, kind of an intergalactic logistics. Sure, there was a little smuggling here and there, but I’m convinced that was just to make the plot a little more interesting (we all have our vices, right?).

Any true entrepreneur knows that a sense of humor is a must. With all of his one-liners, Solo brought comic relief to all of his episodes. When he was dealt a bad hand (Empire’s presence in Endor, rescuing Luke in Hoth, escaping the Space Slug (Exogorth) on the asteroid, or  destroying Jabba in the Tatooine desert, he had a positive outlook. He always stood up and faced the situation. Lesson Numero-Uno in entrepreneurship (IMHO).

Han was a get-it-done kind of guy. He was able to work on his own ship and command the Rebel fleet at the same time. He also paid his debts. When he knew Jabba had a bounty out for him, he faced the fire, eventually being frozen in carbonate for payment.

When the rebellion needed help, he stepped up and offered his business services pro bono, offering the Rebellion the fastest ship in the galaxy. He eventually he provided more than just his ship, he became a fighter in the rebellion, perhaps parallel with today’s nonprofit board member. What if all of our business leaders were not afraid to fight for what they believed in?

He mixed business with pleasure, eventually wooing and marrying Princess Leia. He had a great social past with Lando Calrissian which got him and his friends free access to the resort in the sky, Cloud City. He was a mentor to young professionals, shepherding Luke Skywalker in his pre-Jedi days and teaching (at least trying) his son Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) the difference between right and wrong.

If we could all be more like the Han Solo and the Rebellion fighters in our daily lives, we would most surely win the fight against the evil “Emipre”. Like entrepreneurs, the Rebellion was always the underdog, with odds usually stacked in opposition’s favor. Watch the movies and learn from the great businessman Han Solo throughout. You’ll see the lightsaber I’m waving.

Rest in peace Han Solo, thank you for your guidance. You were one of the galaxy’s greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists.