Let’s talk about dry bulb and efflorescence. In fact, let’s get a couple of beers and discuss the main differences between toenailing and joist hangers. Does that sound appealing to you? If it doesn’t, but you want to start a construction project, we’re your people.

In every industry, there are pretentious terms that are more reminiscent of Steve Urkle than anything that any practical person would ever utter. But sometimes, they are just the way business is conducted; and if you’re not familiar with them, you can be left frustrated and feeling like you just want to scrap the whole project. Who has time to learn all this stuff? And if you don’t learn it, how do you know all these contractors and workers won’t do something far off from what you originally intended?

Being fully bilingual

At InVision Advisors, we are fluent in both English and in Constructionese. When you hire us, you get an Owner’s Representative who will communicate with the rest of the people who speak this language, then translate and advise you throughout the entire construction project: from the moment you first conceptualize it, until the day you move in. And we’ll do it without missing a beat.

Benefits of having an Owner’s Representative

In addition to fully understanding construction jargon, we take care of everything: We can select your site if you don’t have one, we take care of permitting, we make sure that your design is being followed (or we’ll even pick out a design if you don’t even know how to do that). The whole point is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Tell us what you want, how you want it, what’s your deadline, and what’s your budget; and we’ll get you there.

The reality is that no matter how business savvy you are, if you don’t have construction experience, half of the terminology will go right over your head. An Owner’s Representative will ensure that your best interests remain a top priority.

So next time you bring up your project and hear construction types reply by talking about spalling and uplifts, relax. We got this.

Good luck and keep your hard hat tight.