When leading a commercial construction project, any business-savvy CEO or executive knows the secret to success is having the right team. From project managers to architects to contractors, getting together the best team for this type of project can make the difference between the Board applauding and having to update your LinkedIn profile.

In spite of knowing that the team can make or break a commercial construction project, there still a little-known secret that many executives still don’t know. Asides from managing the tactical timelines, budget, design and execution of the project, there’s an important factor that many times is overlooked: Your vision. Who is responsible for making sure your vision is executed within the timeline and budget established? The short answer is an owner’s representative.

Here are a few reasons why the owner’s representative role is crucial to a commercial construction project’s success.

Reasons To Hire An Owner’s Representative For Commercial Construction Projects

Owner’s Reps Maintain The Quality Of Work

While the architect looks out for his or her design, the contractor focuses on execution and the project manager keeps everything moving along, your owner’s rep is making sure that everything is executed to your quality standards. He or she makes sure that your “majestic entrance” or any other requirement is delivered – from concept to reality.

Owner’s Reps Will Look Out For Your Budget

An owner’s rep will not only monitor your budget, but they will help cut costs where possible – without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the project. Given their experience in commercial construction, they will be able to advise on substituting certain materials for more economic options and offer other cost-effective recommendations that won’t alter your vision.
Think of your owner’s rep as the voice of reason when it comes to the budget. He or she will also keep the change orders at bay, looking out to protect your bottom line.

Owner’s Reps Will Manage Project Communication

You already have a demanding full-time job. Imagine on top of that pilling never-ending phone calls, questions and emails from everyone involved in the construction project. An owner’s lack of time to answer questions and grant approvals many times is the culprit as to why commercial construction projects are delayed.

An owner’s rep acts as everyone’s point of contact. He or she assures that every team knows where they have to be, what they have to do, and when. They will also act as the point person for the team members and facilitate communication across team members in a timely fashion, preventing delays and miscommunications.

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