Providing Owner’s Representation, Bank Inspections, and Project Management

Working with Owners who lack the time, knowledge or interest in managing the design and construction process. Since 2012, providing over $5 billion in construction oversight.


Contact: Jonathan Moore, President

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“At every turn, demonstrated superior ability to handle a variety of situations.” – IVA Client

“True professionals with integrity you can trust!” – IVA Client

“InVision is providing us with a framework which we are using to embark on a capital campaign to re-imagine our camp experience throughout our four properties. We value their guidance and expertise when it comes to design and construction, especially with existing amenities and limited budgets. InVision has been instrumental to the process and we look forward to their guidance as we move from fundraising into facilities improvements.” – IVA Client

“I can honestly say that InVision’s participation has been a critical part of our success to date. Jonathan’s forethought, honesty, leadership, advice, and team spirit have all contributed to the continual forward motion of our project. I can also pinpoint several instances where his actions have been direct cost savings for our project. InVision’s highest level of attention, organization, and constant communication are traits I would look for in an Owner’s Representatives.” – IVA Client

“Sun City Center learned the hard way of not having a professional run a large construction job. In the past, the Board and retired residents tried to manage a project and it ended up with faulty windows, leaking roof, numerous change orders that added $250,000 to the job and ended in a lawsuit. We then switched to InVision Advisors to run the next two, million plus dollar jobs, and they ran smoothly with very little change orders. The jobs ran smoothly, on time, and on budget, and the community was thrilled with their work. I can honestly say we will never do another building project without their expertise.” – IVA Client